Through one-on-one apprenticeships and classroom style vocational training,
we equip Nicaraguans in blacksmithing, auto-mechanics, carpentry,
culinary arts, music, multi-media art, argiculture, and sewing.  


The teaching of the Gospel is woven into each aspect of the vocational program.
Our apprentices are spiritually discipled by full-time staff. Our students are exposed to the Gospel through Biblical integration within each program's curriculum.
Our goal is to see each student grow in their work and faith
This creates strong Christian workers and impacts the local Church. 


As we train and disciple apprentices, our long-term goal is to see Latin Americans fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples and spreading the Gospel
into all the world,
equipped with their vocational skill as their ministry tool.

ESVO (Escuela Vocacional) is a program of the Association of Nicaragua Christian Academy in partnership with Missionary Ventures
located in Nejapa, Managua, Nicaragua


Meet Our Team


Photography by Jonathan Ethan Chen