ESVO Helps Bring Disc Golf to Nicaragua

*The following is a letter of appreciation from Jason Hendrickson of FeNiDiVo. Our blacksmiths worked closely with their team, SEED Discs, and Impact Disc Golf to create professional disc golf baskets!

"For two community churches in Ciudad Sandino, disc golf is now a reality and has been received extremely well this last Semana Santa. One year ago, Impact Disc Golf from Sacramento, California, introduced disc golf to the youth of Ciudad Sandino. Impact Disc Golf took a group of kids camping to the first disc golf course in Nicaragua located near Playa Marsella. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that the pastors of the two churches in Ciudad Sandino said they would like to have their own disc golf courses on their property for the community to use.

Working with ESVO was the best experience we could have asked for in the short amount of time we had for a FIRST project of this caliber.
— Sam Abdias

After hearing of the interest, Federacíon Nicaragüense de Disco Volador (FENIDIVO) and SEED Discs reached out to Impact Disc Golf to see if there was any interest in some sort of collaboration. FENIDIVO had been working with welders to produce high quality, PDGA championship certified and approved disc golf baskets. There was also mutual interest in inviting the world’s top disc golfers to Nicaragua, so communication had been opened.

Having created quality baskets in the past, various hurdles had arisen that prevented the welders from continuing with consistency in quality and in a timely manner. It was the serendipitous introduction to ESVO that it was possible to make this project come to fruition.

We all knew it was important to begin with a one basket prototype. The only thing ESVO had to work with at the time were drawings and schematics. The welders made an incredible prototype and we felt comfortable with the communication and professionalism. We then knew we could count on them and continue forward. With only 3-4 weeks to make 21 baskets, the collaboration between ESVO (Ramon) and FENIDIVO (Samuel), led to completing the project on time with positive results.

We wish to continue a long-term relationship with ESVO to provide high quality disc golf courses to communities around Nicaragua. With more experience and player feedback, we can plan accordingly to make slight modifications to future baskets with ample lead time to allow the best attention to detail and quality possible.

After the 2 courses in Ciudad Sandino, a third 3-basket/multi-tee course was also installed. Our ongoing efforts to introduce this lifetime sport that promotes self esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun to players of any age, gender, physical or mental ability, and background will directly impact 400+ youth of Ciudad Sandino in the following months. Disc golf is a great way to connect with family and make new friends while growing social bonds through appreciation of nature, exercise, and education.

It is with much appreciation and gratitude on behalf of Impact Disc Golf, FENIDIVO, SEED Discs, and all of Disc Golf Nicaragua family that we say THANK YOU! to ESVO."

-Jason Hendrickson