From California with Love

I have always prided myself on being able to make great things with little resources. While I wouldn’t say our workshop has “little resources” necessarily, we definitely have room to grow to be a much more professional working and learning space. Our workshop has evidence of ten years of resources being poured into it: donations and donated tools, products sold, countless hours of prayer, a lot of sweat and a few tears, with triumphs all along the way. ESVO is about to enter into a new season of growth thanks to a new big gift.


Thanks to Whip Industries, Plant-A-Seed Foundation, Renew Church Modesto, and Redeemer Modesto Church, we have a container full of new equipment making its way down to Nicaragua! 

This 40-foot container is on a barge filled to the brim with goodies that will transform our program into the training space we need as we grow.
If you’re not excited yet, just wait until you hear what has been donated! 

Some of the equipment included:

            -3 hydraulic lifts for our mechanics program
            -A motorcycle lift
            -A Rolling Bridge Jack
            -A plasma cutter with all    the extras
            -A new beautiful bandsaw
            -A drill press
            -Service carts
            -A 29 piece drill set
            -Enough wrenches, clamps, pliers, blades, sanders, ratchets, and tools to supply us for years to come
            -And even more! 

Imagine how each of these items will drastically change the quality of work we produce and the quality of time with each student. Our students and apprentices will be able to grow their skills to the next level, giving them more job opportunities throughout Nicaragua. Our teachers will save time and resources, and be able to invest more of themselves into our students.

We are honored to receive such generosity from Whip Industries, Plant-A-Seed Foundation, Renew Church Modesto, and Redeemer Modesto Church. To those involved, thank you! We greatly appreciate your hearts to serve and impact Nicaragua.

We’re patiently awaiting the arrival of this container in a few short weeks. Once it arrives, we’re excited to share the impact of this new equipment with you in real time!