Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship program is geared towards young adults who have completed high school and are seeking training in a specific vocation. These students are assigned to a staff member for vocational training and one on one spiritual discipleship. As part of their training, they assume the role of teacher's assistant and help plan, manage, and train the high school students.

ANCA High School Programs

As part of the Association of Nicaragua Christian Academy, ESVO currently provides the vocational training and entrepreneurship program for the Nicaragua Christian Academy in Nejapa. ESVO's advanced vocational training fulfills and exceeds the Ministry of Education's standards creating students who have expanded their skills and knowledge as well as encountered Christ. Approximately 230 students select one program area to focus on for a semester. With about 10 students in a class setting at a time, they are able to grow in their skill and creative thinking process. 

It is our dream as we partner with ANCA to expand into the association of schools, including Matagalpa. 

Program Areas